Green Business Office Directory for Sustainable Businesses

When it comes to being green in business you may think it’s going to cost even more but we have some methods to save your money whilst continuing to help the environment.

Here’s our quick directory of some everyday products and services businesses use to have a green office but not to sacrifice the level of product you are receiving just because it’s packaged as environmentally friendly – some of these tips will simply save you and your business money whilst others are here to enable you to buy products to help the environment whilst also keeping costs down for any sustainable businesses.

Green Car Insurance

If you have low emission vans or cars that you are running or simply want to offset the carbon footprint of the emissions you are pumping out into the air they why not choose green car insurance from the Green Car Insurance Company ? These guys are planting tens of thousands of trees each year to offset carbon and also giving great rates online. This is one of the first we have come across that actually build a business around green factors but still have competitive prices for their insurance policies.

Free Business Banking

Whilst all the banks are making money off many businesses some are offering completely free business banking for life – these are Abbey and Alliance and Leicester. Click here to find out more to get fee free banking for your business. All banks seem to offer new businesses at least 18 months free banking but these two offer the zero fee rates for the life of the business. This can save you thousands of pounds each year and yes, they will help you switch your account if you already bank somewhere else.

Better Business Savings Rates

Whilst the recession is continuing and interest rates are the lowest they have ever been then the rates received on savings accounts both for consumers and businesses are virtually zero but there are some accounts that pay a fairly decent rate. Click here to find those rates. Believe it or not most businesses are receiving just 0.10% per year in their deposit accounts so it’s worth having a look around to get your money working harder – much harder in these tough economic times we have currently.

Home Insurance

Although some people are now deciding that it’s not worth taking out home insurance because they want to cut back on their monthly expenses of course burglaries are also on the increase because of the recession so it’s wise to get contents and buildings insurance. There are many deals to be had online. Click here to find some of the lowest rates.

This shows that there are ways to reduce costs in the business and still enjoy great service and not cut the level of product you are receiving. Additionally the new breed of insurance companies are now interweaving environmental factors into their business practices so that even with simply measures such as carbon offset initiatives you can play a small part in helping care for the planet you live on and not have to pay higher prices for the privilege. this!

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