Beijing Pollution Improves Ahead of Olympic Games

Beijing pollution improves to the lowest levels since authorities started to tackle the problem in advance of the Olympic Games.

Although just days ago the pollution levels in Beijing were some 5 times the level recommended by the World Health Authority (WHO) the measures the authorities are using including taking at least 50% of vehicles off the road seem to have improved matters.

Currently the winds have improved thus blowing some of the pollution away from the Beijing city and some experts believe the weather has much to do with improved air quality rather than the shutting of factories or less cars on the roads.

A tropical storm that hit southeastern China earlier this week brought strong winds and some rain, helping clear skies and lower temperatures by Tuesday. It also highlighted how much weather plays a part in curbing pollution. By late Wednesday afternoon, the haze had returned.


Fears of pollution have been raised since China was awarded the games and many commentators have been writing about the issues over the past 4 to 5 years but it is only in recent months that the Chinese authorities have introduced measures to tackle the situation. Additionally at least one athlete is staying away from the games due to health fears.

With only days until the opening ceremony China may need to introduce more drastic solutions to improve the pollution fears for the Beijing Olympics to improve the situation further. this!

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