Recycling At Work

Recycling at work is not that difficult. Here are some easy methods to help you recycle paper computers and printers. But perhaps you don't actually need to recycle if you don't generate the "waste" in the first place!

Ways to stop waste so no recycling required

We all use tons of paper in our every day lives especially in the work place. But there are some simple methods to cut down on the amount of paper and the effect on the environment and save costs at the same time. Why not try these out:

  • Don't use bleached paper - use recycled paper.
  • Don't print out emails.
  • Print on both sides of the paper.
  • Re-use scrap paper for notes.
  • Don't hand out copies of a presentation.

That's some tips for reducing the amount of paper you use but what about promoting recycling activities at the work place?

Start recycling schemes in the work place

Recycling really needs to be part of every day life in business so you'll need to get "buy in" of the idea at the top. Your management need to fully support recycling activities and undertake the task themselves to set a good example to the rest of the organisation.

Benefits to your business

A recycling scheme is very easy to set up is highly cost effective and could save your company money. It stops waste going to land fill sites because it's being recycled and thus helps tackle climate change.

It's also likely to reduce clutter and improve the amount of space you have. Rather than having old computer print outs lying around they will have been taken away to be recycled.

Additionally, most people now recycle at home so want to be able to recycle at work. If your company doesn't yet have a recycling scheme you are likely to get pressure from your staff to introduce one.

In the WRAP SME Recycling trial, nearly half of the 556 businesses who took part identified employee morale as the best reason to implement a recycling scheme. 82% stated that their staff needed no encouragement when it came to recycling their waste.

Find a local service partner

Obviously you can't be taking all your recycled material along to the local household recycling plant so you'll need to find a local service partner who can come into your offices and collect any material that will be recycled. You can search online here for a local partner.

Set up a recycling scheme

Once you have a local service partner you are ready to set up your own company recycling scheme. Here are some of the best ways to start things off:

  • Have a launch event that every one can take part in.
  • Train staff on what can be recycled and what's included in the scheme.
  • Have ongoing communication pieces and emails providing information on how much waste has been recycled and what this means for the business and the environment.
  • Have recycling bins and containers in each functional area so it's easy for employees to recycle and not inconvenient.

What else?

Get in touch with your local community to show what you are doing and how you can help them with their recycling endevours. There are plenty of charities that take in other items that are not easily recycled at work such as old mobile phones, glasses and computers.

If you have a tip or extra help we can add to this article about recycling at work please contact us.

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