Environmental Management System to "Green Your Business"

Environmental management system"Green Your Business" with this proven environmental management system.

This system will help you develop green business solutions both internally with your staff and externally with your customers and suppliers.

This system has been designed and written to assist organisations in accepting and responding to the environmental imperatives of a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

It provides a structured approach to identify individual departmental areas of environmental responsibility thereby allowing rapid, and then continuous, progress within a sustainable corporate culture.

It will be clear that many environmental initiatives make sound commercial sense and will generate cost savings within an organisation that could provide funding for those areas where increased costs are a possibility or investment is required to reap the rewards over an extended period.

Expert Advice

This system is developed by business environmental experts with over 20 years experience of developing internal and external sustainable green policies.

Table of contents

Environmental systems

  • Communicating your message
    How to communicate your green credentials.
  • Why natural resources are limited
    What happens if we continue to consume the world's natural resources at the current rate and what businesses can do to reduce consumption.
  • How businesses can take action - summary
    The reduce, reuse and recycle concept.
  • How management takes the lead
    How to begin to develop environmental systems and how each function in an organisation can get involved.
  • The role of marketing
  • The role of sales
  • The role of procurement
  • The role of accounts and finance
  • The role of facilities
  • The role of human resources
  • The role of information technology
  • The role of distribution

Environmental management systems inner pages

  • Your environmental statement
    How to prepare your environment statement.
  • Examples of environment statements
  • Next steps and ongoing improvement
  • Understanding the role of carbon
    What carbon footprint means and how to understand messages other companies may say about their carbon status.
  • Corporate social responsibility
    What is corporate social responsibility and how other companies have used this to their advantage.
  • Environmental bodies, charities and HGOs
  • Recycling, recycled, recycling and eco-labelling
    Understanding the concepts of these popular environment related terms.
  • Environmental Legislation
    Understanding how current legislation affects your business.
  • Environmental Accreditations
    What accreditations your business may want to achieve.
  • Power generation and usage issues
  • Vehicle fuel and power alternatives
  • Useful sites and glossary of terms

By using this guide you'll be able to develop an environmental system and Environmental Policy for your organisation in no time at all.

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