Environmental Issues That Could Affect Your Business

There are many environmental issues being discussed that could affect your business from activities by your staff, customers or suppliers. Here's a list of issues that could be impacting the environment from your business.

List of issues impacting the environment

  • Climate change The change in the climate from so called global warming, over use of fossil fuels, sea level rise from melting of icebergs as well as land degration and clifts and land falling into the sea as well as the effects of the cars, vans and lorries on societies.
  • Conservation Genetic erosion, holocene extinction event, invasive species, species extinction, habitat destruction and fragmentation, pollinator decline, coral bleaching and whaling.
  • Dams - The overall environmental impacts of building dams and diverting rivers.
  • Energy - Energy conservation, renewable energy development, usage and commercialisation.
  • Intensive farming Overgrazing of livestock, irrigation issues and environmental effects of meat production.
  • Land degradation Overall land pollution, desertification, soil conservation, soil erosion, soil contamination and soil salination.
  • Pollution Air, light, noise, thermal pollution.
  • Water pollution Acid rain, eutrophication, ocean dumping, oil spills and water crisis.
  • Resource depletion Exploitation of natural resources.
  • Fishing Blast fishing, bottom trawling, cyanide fishing, ghost nets, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, environmental effects of fishing and overfishing.
  • Logging Clearcutting, deforestation, illegal logging.
  • Mining Acid mine drainage.
  • Toxins Chlorofluorocarbons, DDT, dioxin, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, toxics use reduction and toxic waste.

More information on all these environmental issues can be found here at wikipedia.

Environmental Issues at Home

There are many issues in the home with old products and in the garden. You can help you own home environment in the garden by looking in your garden storage shelves and sheds to ensure you are not storing items that should be recycled. Old products can be harmful to the environment and harmful to children if they should get into their hands.

The local council recycling centre is the best place to take old and partially used items to get recycled properly. They are also there to provide you with advice and most household and vehicle products can be disposed of properly.

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